Information for Indian Nationals

Vanuatu is a popular second citizenship for Indian nationals living in India and also for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Vanuatu is a country where it is easy to get citizenship for Indians.

It is a nuisance when travelling for business to constantly have to obtain visas. Indians are treated as second class citizens by customs officials and border control agents. A second Vanuatu citizenship and Vanuatu passport will solve that problem.

Coronavirus is a good example of how governments curtial freedom of movement. Yet such restrictions are common for Indians who only hold an Indian passport.

The Henley Passport Index (2020) shows that Indian passport holders are allowed visa free entry to a mere 58 countries. Most of these are in the developing world like Bhutan, Kenya, Rwanda and Haiti. By comparison, Vanuatu allows visa free travel to 130 countries! This includes all the Schengen nations, the United Kingdom, Norway, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, the Russian Federation and Switzerland. Imagine how your life would change if you could travel to Europe without a visa. That's possible if you invest in Vanuatu second citizenship.

Use the "Compare my Passport" feature on the Henley website to discover that a Vanuatu passport is far superior to an India passport. Wouldn't this level of visa free travel be great? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions and contact us if you would like to learn how you and your family can benefit.

Please note that the Vanuatu Government does not publicize the names of new citizens and passport holders. Indian citizens who acquire Vanuatu citizenship and passport have total privacy.